2D/3D Animation Services

2D/ 3D Animation is same as hand drawn animation also known as classical animation or traditional animation. Traditional hand-drawn animation is attractive as it used complex but detailed interpolated movements of its variant outlines and color boundaries morphing or blending fluidly into shape in 2D/ 3D motion. It is the oldest, most popular and appealing form of animation where each frame is drawn by hand by artist.

In 2D/ 3D animation, artist and illustrator require great observational powers and conceptual visualization skills to develop perfect shape-blending interpolated movements at 2D/ 3D level. With the use of computers entering the animation industry, it is now possible to scan the outline drawings and fill it in with digital paint.

At eSource Technology our specialist in 2D/ 3D animation is an all-comprehensive process that included story narration and drawing of every scene of animation, character designs, background depiction and animation that has accurate frame by frame motion. Our animation techniques insure perfect incorporation of background scores/music, voice synchronization with character’s lip movements and fluidity of action movements.

Creative talent and years of experienced of artists, designers and animators working at eSource Technology help us to deliver excellent animated project right from educational and instructional CD’s to cartoon or mythological feature films that attract both young and old alike

Advantages of 2D/ 3D graphics and animation:

2D graphics animation rendering faster as compared to 3D. This makes it the ideal choice for developing game meant for low bandwidth. Games such as card and board game where the degree of realism required is not high can be developed using 2D graphics.

A slew of commercial and free software application that help in the creation of 2D graphics and animations have led to an enhancement in their popularity. eSource Technology has the facilities to accomplish very demanding 2D production. With state of the art animation workstations and software, high quality 2D animation for film, television and variant multimedia projects are our specialty.

Wings IT Solutions offers a range of 2D/ 3D animation services that enable you to leverage cost advantages without compromising on quality and standards. With a highly skilled and creative team of experts, we have built up the capacity to deliver world class products and services. We offer proficiency quality 2D/ 3Danimations for Television, websites, CD ROM and other media. In addition, we play a dynamic role in entertainment industry to produce animation and create multimedia games for a number of clients all over the world.

Whatever may be your demands, Wings IT Solutions has the necessary skills, expertise, tools and technologies to get the job done on time, within your budget and beyond your expectations. Over the years, we have been developing traditional as well as latest 2D animation using state-of-the-art animation production setup and modern techniques. We have a creative team of talented animators, designers and multimedia specialists who are experienced in video production and audio production based in 2D Animation. They are specializing in creating basic animation, character design, making background, creating in-between frames, Audio-synchronization, non-linear editing, lip sync, and story-boarding.

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